Tips for Starting a Business in the All-Digital Age

Bussines Tips for Starting a Business in the All-Digital Age

Digital Candil Kuya - A business can be considered legendary when it can last for decades and can be enjoyed by consumers from across generations. This of course refers to the ability of the business to continue to adapt to the times.

However, adaptation is not an effort that can be done easily and requires no short time.

Tips for Starting a Business in the All-Digital Age

A business must first ensure its resilience to the business ecosystem, including in terms of the quality of its products and services. Only then will the business be able to make changes according to the changing needs of its customers over time.

Well, for those of you who want to start a business or have run a business and want to know how to be able to maintain it across generations, here are three strategies that should be studied and applied to business.

Understand Consumer Needs and Wants via Market Research

Businesses will not be able to survive in the long term if the products or services they offer do not match the needs and desires of consumers or the market. In addition, businesses must also be able to offer services or products that are able to provide a comfortable and optimal customer journey.

So, in order for this to happen, business people need to carry out comprehensive market research. Even after the research results are obtained, businesses still need to make adjustments in order to create products or services that are suitable for their customers.

For example, in the culinary business, new and quality menu variants need to be launched regularly so that customer satisfaction is always maintained.

Not only that, providing facilities that can facilitate transactions is also important. For example, digital payment facilities or QRIS are certainly able to make consumers have more payment options that are more practical and safe, especially during a pandemic like today.

On the other hand, the provision of digital-based payment methods also allows customers to get various attractive promos that make their shopping activities more profitable. Indirectly, this is certainly able to make the level of sales in the business increase so that profits also increase.

Innovate by Adjusting Market Needs

The second strategy for businesses to survive in the long term is to innovate by adapting to market or consumer needs. It is undeniable that over time, market needs will always change following the changing times. This is something every entrepreneur who wants to keep their business from being crushed by time needs to be wary of.

Make sure that the services and products offered are able to answer complaints or problems felt by customers. When the product being sold is able to become a solution in the market, it is certain that the product will sell well and be loved by various types of buyers.

Don't forget to continue to optimize the use of technology so that business efficiency increases and facilitates transactions made by consumers. A simple example is entering a culinary business into an online motorcycle taxi platform, or a buying and selling business into e-commerce. That way, businesses are able to reach more consumers while increasing sales potential.

Maximize Use of Multiple Marketing Channels

Businesses in the modern era like today inevitably have to adopt digital-based marketing services. In the past decade, conventional media has proven to be one of the most adequate marketing channels for businesses. But, nowadays, the marketing strategy using these media is arguably not very effective.

With the advancement of internet technology and the digital world, conventional media is now less popular than social media channels. Therefore, it is important as a business person to maximize the presence of a marketplace or e-commerce platform that can be used by business people to expand their business wings at a relatively low cost.

In addition, it should be understood that several digital payment options, such as paylaters and digital wallets, are also very popular among the public.

This can also be an attraction for sellers by offering various attractive promos that are profitable for its users. So, your business can also get an increase in transactions because of the promos offered by the service.

Legendary Businesses Can't Be Realized Without the Right Strategy

Based on the facts, many businesses are only able to survive in less than 5 years. It takes the right marketing strategies and methods so that the business can survive for decades and go through various changes.

So, in order to become one of the founders of a legendary business that continues to operate promisingly across generations, the application of the 3 strategies above should not be missed.

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